Starting from January 2019, Darren Yaw, a compulsive liar, has overpromised his investors and was never able to deliver any of his promises. His tactics are always pacifying his angry investors, delivering a voice note with a promising solution, fulfill some of them randomly, and get up with some new reasons why they are unable to fulfill the rest of their promises.

There was always someone to blame, such as Money Changers, Saboteurs (this is a very common word they like to use) or investors who are negative.




Armed with their fake credentials, bogus marketing materials, and lavish launches, GCG Asia had a good head start, attracting many uplines, who truly believed in them. What they were not aware of is, the initial leaders already knew about the fake information and GCG Asia was merely a money game.

The brought in high credential scammers from another money game knowing as Fintech MIA. These new leaders already had experience from many other forex scams, and they know the rules of the game.

The initial profits from GCG Asia Double Hedging (this is their marketing term on the way the trade) were 28% returns per week. The type of investment account were separated based on initial investments (also known as MT4 Investment).

  • Investments of USD$ 1500 – USD$ 6000 : 50%/50% profit sharing
  • Investments of USD$ 7500 – USD$ 13,500 : 60%/40% profit sharing
  • Investments of USD$ 15,000 and higher : 70%/30% profit sharing

The initial withdrawal was based on 5 working days.

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Investors who have joined the money game GCG Asia, started to experience their first withdrawal issues as early as the first week of April. It was about that time, Facebook groups, Wechat Groups, What’s App Group, and Telegram groups started surfacing. Each of them had their own agenda and mostly run by uplines. There were using such communication channels to spread messages from WeChat, mostly ran by Elvin Tey and Darren Yaw, to spread messages.

There is one group known as GCG GCFX – No Hope for Old Investors, that was independent. This group was started by an investor, who apparently has no tolerance for GCG Uplines, Associates and Darren Yaw. His name is Aung Yat Narong. From what we have gathered, he is a Thai investor residing in Singapore.

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In April 2019, a group of protestors in Indonesia have taken their unhappiness and boycotted in the streets. Indonesia was one of the biggest contributors to the GCG Asia Money game. Darren Yaw was worried and decided to put together a press conference in Jarkata to address the issues.

The protestors were labeled as saboteurs, organized by green eye competitors and Investors should carry on trusting GCG Asia.

The lawyer representing GCG Asia, Mr. Emil Salim, claimed and accused all rumors were merely acquisitions against Darren Yaw, spread by saboteurs, and there were unbiased and were personal attacks. Despite the fact, Dukascopy and FINMA have already made an official announcement on their respective website, GCG Asia is not affiliated to them, Darren Yaw had the audacity to organize a press conference on the 30th April 2019 and try to silent the truth.

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Mr. Emil Salim went on challenging the public on behalf of Dato Darren Yaw that all acquisitions were fake. However, there was legal documentation from Bappebti, dated on the 10th of April, stating very clearly GCG Asia has no license and is not allowed to operate in Indonesia.

Darren Yaw feels that he is above the law. With the usage of the lavish press conference, parties, and strong uplines, Darren Yaw challenges the law to catch up with him.

He understands what drives and motivates Indonesians to invest. He said and did what the Indonesians wanted to see – which is a fake show and fake promises.

Lie 2 : Darren Yaw claimed that he was invited for a talk show with IDX. A quick chat, there was never such an event.

Lie 3 said during the Press Conference. GCG Asia has obtained all the licenses needed from the respective regulatory agencies in Indonesia. Again, there is no proof for any applications. 

Darren Yaw is neither remorseful nor sorry for what he has done. He genuinely feels that whatever he has done, was never a scam, despite the fact that he has been constantly challenged by investors.

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Quotes from Other websites

GCG Asia is an unlicensed Forex and CFD broker targeting traders from Switzerland, and is supposedly a world leading trading provider for Forex and CFD. For beginners, their platform will appear legit and they might make the mistake of trusting them with their money.

GCG Asia is owned and operated by Guardian Capital AG, a company based in Zurich, Switzerland. This broker is silent about their trading conditions, plus they are not regulated as well.

During our investigation, the facts we found were disturbing and the creators of this platform have many filthy agendas. 


The segregation of accounts is among the rules which are especially important in the trading world, because it drastically lowers the risk of possible commingling. Another is the participation in a compensatory scheme by which the client’s losses will be covered in the unlikely case the broker goes bankrupt or attempts to swindle traders.


Guardian Capital Asia (GCG Asia) presents itself as a leading provider of online foreign exchange (FX) trading, CFD trading, and related services. The broker claims that there are multiple account options, including PAMM, MAM, ECN and more, but its website does not feature an account types section, nor discloses any trading conditions. What is worse, GCG Asia does not hold a valid forex broker license, hence the low rating we gave it. It is possible that this broker is related to Goldland Capital Group (GCG), as their logos and abbreviations are very similar.


In only 5 months, GCG ASIA swept across numerous SE Asian countries including Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Cambodia duo to false and misleading adverting. Dissatisfied with the current situation, the company tried to enhance its influence in the name of the financial regulators and business giants in Australia, Switzerland etc.. Ironically, this intention was destroyed in this May due to its arrogant behavior under the pressure of Cambodia’ s Prime Minister.